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Come and get your JOY!

Dear Friend,

End of year blues got you down? Looking for some good news? Some JOY, maybe? Don’t worry, we got you!

First, let’s take a look at this beautiful picture of some of our students who graduated from their 16 week program yesterday:

I mean…Can you feel their joy? Yes? Good! Do numbers bring joy? These sure do:

Number of Youth directly connected through programming this year = 52

Hours spent with youth = +1,100

Increased our retention rate from 63% to 68% 

Doubled our number of Program Graduates this year = 19

Trained 4 Alumni to join our newly launched Alumni Leadership Team

All of these numbers represent lives. All of these lives have connections. These connections matter. Our work provides a fundamental encouragement to a generation dislodged from community. “Kelsey” had this to share with one of our instructors:

“Seen&Heard is a place where I can have an outlet. I wanted something fun to look forward to every week. Also, class is a chance to connect with other members of the foster community. Being connected is important to me so that I can continue to learn from others and ultimately help advocate for change.”

Beyond connection, there is healing. Another student expressed this thought to us recently: 

“This Fall has been a heavy season for me personally, a lot was going on, and Seen&Heard has helped give me the language and skills to help alleviate some of the PTSD symptoms I was experiencing.”

The solution to countless negative outcomes lies in connection. We have a great curriculum, amazing teachers and supportive partners, but if the connection isn’t there, young folks can’t learn the skills needed to secure stable employment. To ensure these skills are imparted to system-impacted youth, we’re asking for your help as we approach the end of the year. Your tax-deductible donation brings connection to the disconnected, and JOY to the youth of Los Angeles!

As always, we thank our donors for their continued generosity and support. We hope you and yours have a lovely holiday season with deep connection with those you love. 

With Joy,

Regan Williams 
CEO Seen&Heard

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