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As we pass the halfway mark in our cohorts, we’re noticing something in our students. Some, especially those in therapeutic housing programs with more trauma to work through, are wary of personal reflection. This is understandable. Many of these youth have been through court-mandated therapy and have seen their fair share of support groups that may not meet their needs. For this population, we tailor our curriculum to meet them where they’re at. We offer a different way to engage in emotion, specifically by offering a script and a character. These tools enable the exploration of deep feelings with a level of protection from the personal: essentially a form of play that reaches deeper than most expect. Connections are made both physically and sub-consciously that like seeds, have the chance to germinate and bloom over time. It’s a gentle way for young people to “try on” emotions that in other environments are inappropriate, but in a scene, are acceptable.


Meet our new Program Director

Erika Schweizer has been teaching for the past year as an instructor and was so outstanding we knew she was destined for more at Seen&Heard. As of September, she took on the official title of Program Director, which means she not only teaches, she directly speaks into programming and innovation. Erika helps us create and maintain partnerships with other organizations as well as helps students navigate through the inevitable obstacles they experience while in the program. “I love what I do. Each week I have an opportunity to collaborate with students and talk about how to navigate adulthood in a safe and healthy way. That’s a personal space to be in - to ask my students to be curious about how they journey through life. I feel privileged that I earned that trust with these students. I cherish those small victories, because we often don’t see the big ones.”


We’re thankful to serve survivors of trafficking
at Zoe home for youth

This month we started a custom workshop for the young ladies who just arrived at the brand-new beautiful Zoe Home for Youth. This special sanctuary is the perfect place to heal, with thoughtfully decorated rooms, plenty of activities, and an outstanding staff. Having worked with Zoe youth last year, we are thankful to be a trusted partner for this organization that always goes above and beyond for their young people. You can learn more about Zoe Home for Youth here! 

We hope you and yours have a lovely Thanksgiving holiday. We send out a heartfelt "Thank You" to our amazing supporters. All of us at Seen&Heard appreciate your desire to support the growth and well-being of foster youth in Los Angeles.



Regan Williams
CEO Seen&Heard 


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